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Truss Displays

P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. has a long history with Truss Exhibits.

Truss Displays for Purchase

P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. has been a leading provider of Truss Exhibiting Systems for over 15 years. Our standard truss, which comes with a sturdy but compact 6″ square footprint, can display graphics and support product with ease. 

One of the advantages of Truss Exhibits is that these systems are entirely modular. You can test the waters with a smaller booth and expand as needed. We have clients who use varying sizes of booths depending upon their profile at any given show. The same components used for a 10 x 20 inline, for instance, can be incorporated into a larger island design.

Let us help guide you through our truss systems. We’ll be happy to explain the relative positives in relation to other exhibiting systems.


Truss Rental Program

We also have an extensive nationwide truss rental program. The examples below were done as custom rentals, but these kits can also be purchased. 

Las Vegas 10' Exhibit Rental

10 x 10 Truss Rentals

View kits & pricing

Sands Hotel 20' Exhibit Rental

10 x 20 Truss Rentals

View kits & pricing


Island Truss Rentals

view kits & pricing

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